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The Dooyewaard Stipendium is founded in 1998 as an annual prize for outstanding young Contemporary Artists at the time of their graduation from Art College. The artists are selected by a jury, made up of board members of the HKU, independent curators and board members of the Dooyewaard Foundation. …read more.


Studio de Gors was the second studio acquired by the Foundation. Originally an old weaving studio in the heart of the village it has been converted into an artist studio with separate living quarters. Since 2015 the studio is linked to the Gerrit van Houten Studio Award….read more.

A few years ago the Dooyewaard Foundation acquired a plot of land (about an acre) with on it three old studios and a stone house. No one had ever made the connection with Mondrian. Painstaking research and the lucky find of old photographs and letters led to this discovery… more.

The largest of the three studios, considered the Theo Lohmann studio, also claims a noteworthy history. Lohmann bought it in 1924 from Jurriaan van der Vliet a Laren resident “ for amotion” to his plot at the Schapendrift. The studio was situated in Laren amidst….read more


The first studio purchase by Theo Lohmann in 1922 concerned a wooden hut with a tiled roof – named ‘espinette’ in Belgian. Up to this day this studio is named ‘La Petite Espinette’. This property was originally constructed in 1907 by Blaricum carpenter… more.


In 2020 the Dooyewaard Foundation took over ownership and management of the original Blaricum studio of painting, drawing and etching artist Bob ten Hoope (1920-2014). The studio is situated at Eemnesserweg 26a , only a few hundred metres from the Dooyewaard Artists’ Colony. This studio does not have living quarters….read more.



In order to promote local art culture the Dooyewaard Foundation was, for a ten year period (1993-2003), allowed to use the original studio of Willem Dooyewaard at the Gebroeders Dooijewaardweg in Blaricum. This studio is located in the garden of the original studio house built in farmhouse style which has been used for decades by brothers Jacob and Willem Dooyewaard. These buildings under their original name “De 7 Linden” are now in private hands.

In 1993 a long tradition of Art Awards started in this studio. For more about all winning artist click here













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