Liselot Veenendaal



Liselot Veenendaal is the winner of the Dooyewaard stipend in the 2016-17 season. Atelier: Fransepad 42 Blaricum.  At the end of the stipend year, the work will be exhibited in the Pouloeuff gallery in Naarden.

As a guide to a self-created, somewhat insane world of thought, Veenendaal shows in her paintings how her characteristic mind works. A lightning-fast impulsive storm arises where ideas, real-life situations and thoughts merge, making constant connections between images, words and other fascinations.
Through this constant reversal, she pulls the existing world apart and supplements it in a playful way with reflections, anecdotes and a short tension span.
She humorously expresses the conclusions of her thoughts and way of working where she does not seem to spare the subject and, above all, herself.


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