Studio Bob ten Hoope

A new project will start in 2024 in Bob ten Hoope’s former studio. PLAN B is a series of work periods (of 3 months) for local and regional artists.
Use of the studio is free of charge, we only ask for a small artistic contribution to our portfolio. Interested artists can apply by sending a short description:
1. Of the project in focus during those three months.
2.What constitutes the added value of this workplace for you.
The Dooyewaard Foundation will select artists from these applications. Applications can be send to

Now in studio Bob:
Hazel Ling – Fine art photographer.

Prospects in 2024:
Maja Boot – Painter.
Marcelle Schoenmaker – Visual artist.

Former Artists in Residence: 

Elize van der Werff – Visual artist.
Tamar Frank – Lightinstallations.
Bia Maas – Visual artist.

In 2020 the Dooyewaard Foundation took over ownership and management of the original Blaricum studio of painting, drawing and etching artist Bob ten Hoope (1920-2014). Ten Hoope divided his time between France and the Netherlands but when in his home country this was his studio. He was a prolific painter of mainly landscapes, figures and nudes. Many local residents have been immortalized in his pub sketches and the woollen rug which must have provided some comfort to his nude models is still on the studio floor… This studio has been renovated during 2023 by the Dooyewaard Foundation.

Atelier Bob ten Hoope
Bob ten Hoope
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